Flood Relief

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Pakistan’s Agricultural land and crops are badly affected. Thousands of people and thousands of animals have died, and millions are affected.These millions of flood victims need Your help; they need food, shelter, and healthcare.

We request you to join us to save precious lives and represent Jesus Christ in Pakistan. One of the Centres where our persecuted brothers and sisters reside got affected. Now we have to change their living place urgently and shift them to a safe place. We, as children of God, represent Jesus Christ in this world. May God YHWH bless you; keep serving Him. Please help with whatever you can do for these people and also keep them in your prayers.

Present Needs:
Replacement of Center For Rent: $200
Tent: $30 (for two persons)
300 Tents: 30*300= $ 9000
Food Distribution for 1 Family: $45
Target to Reach 100 Families: 100*$45= $4500

We helped people in the past year and we request you to stand with us in this terrible time.

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Pakistan never faced such a terrible disaster ever before. In 2010 Floods in Pakistan impacted an estimated 13.8 million people, with some six million displaced and 1.5 million lost their houses. In 2012 More than 2.8 Million were affected by the floods. But this flood in 2022 has destroyed more. The floods have caused widespread destruction across the country.

Millions of children, women, and men have been affected since mid-June, and over a thousand lives have been lost. People have lost their homes, livestock, harvest-ready crops, and their only sources of livelihood. Infrastructure across the country has suffered massive damage, and roads, bridges, and buildings have been washed away. You can understand what it feels when loved ones are lost or settled families lose their homes in a disaster. They need fellow humans as one family to comfort them for their loss. Your support will be used for health, nutrition, food security, and water and sanitation services in flood-affected areas, focusing on the most vulnerable.


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