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Engr. Raheel Robson

Finance Secretary
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    5 Years

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Engr. Raheel Shahzad is a software Engineer and business development executive at Lavish International Technologies. He is a passionate youth leader and serving as a finance Secretary of Holy Light Foundation.

Message: I began working with HLF for the Development of society and peace and reach the Un-reached people in 2011 after learning about their unique approach to development. Having spent years seeking out to be a part of a helping and revolutionary organization in the field of development and peace, it is refreshing to find an organization that stays true to its mission and really works with communities. After joining HLF I had the opportunity to see how an organization works, how the projects are carried out and how to support and implement long-lasting and sustainable projects where the community-identified needs and wants. Also I could bring new ideas to HLF and develop myself as a professional and contribute to the organizational development and as a result all the projects are being carried out by HLF. I have been able to be a part of many projects for woman rights, Education, helping the poor and many more with HLF and I have seen the high impact programs in the field and I can honestly say that HLF is truly helping communities and facilitating people to fulfill their needs and to make them aware of their rights. I would highly recommend HLF to any friends, family, or colleagues around the world.

- Raheel Robson

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