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Kaleem Shahzad

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    10 Years

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Kaleem Shahzad is the founder and chairman of the board of Holy Light Foundation (Generation of Peacemakers), Revivalist at Morning Star Ministries & Jobyna Beth Ministries (USA), and Co-founder at Lavish.Business.

He is a Entrepreneur who has excellent leadership, management, communication, interpersonal, intuitive, and analysis skills, and has devoted his life for the community development and for peace building in the society. He is a poet, promoter, and net worker and has a heart for Humanity and Peace.

He graduated in Journalism from BZU University in Multan, Pakistan. He has worked in many international companies, and made his life mission to serve God by serving humanity and to spread the true light for humanity and Peace in the world. He found that all the world is suffering through religious hate, terrorism, injustice, poverty, and persecution. So this group of passionate leadership started the legal non-profit organization as "Holy Light Foundation" under the societies ACT, XXI of 1860. HLF is working for the development of Humanities, Peace, Justice, to end religious hate, terrorism and poverty.

Message: We all are humans under the blue sky roof, breath in the same air and many of us before has been divided us into groups, ethnic and religious, poor and rich, First and second class. But many of us are also working to build this gap and facing these baseless concepts.
are willing to work to remove the Barriers for Humanity, World Peace, Youth, Gender Equality, Health and Finance, Social, political - JOIN US ! 
We need your little free time
To approach and meet people around you
To see the beauty of the World 
To guide the youth
To meet the needs of the poor
To give smile to the sad
To free oppressed
To give Peace to the ordinary human and his world
Let's together make a Generation of Peacemakers ! 

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Dear GP-Member, We are building the world’s largest movement to solve Global Problems by the action of Global Peacemakers around the world. When you become a HLF-GP member it is important for you to take action for the development of the community around you and globally, and then share this work with your community to inspire them for the massive change. Thank you! GenerationOfPeacemakers.Org

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