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Eradicate Poverty – Mercy of Jesus

Feed the Hungry – Street Children

When Jesus fed the thousands, He did not first check to see if they would be His disciples. He did not require them to come to Him for salvation. But they followed him for miracles, and he with wisdom strategically fed their spirit with the Word of Life when he was filling their empty stomachs.

Sponsor Homeless People

At last official count 151,278 individuals are homeless in California, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. At the city level, four of the five cities with the highest rate of unsheltered homelessness are in California: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa and San Jose. Seattle joins the California municipalities in the

Charity Project: Cancer Patients


WE ARE BRINGING FREEDOM, BECAUSE EVERY LIFE MATTERS. #PRICELESS  A Voice for Humanity The largest number of victims trafficked young girls and boys internationally still come from Southeast Asia; over 225,000 each year. Pakistan, Nepal and India are the key destination countries. In muslim countries like Pakistan, People give their daughters 9-12 years old to

Educate a girl and change the world

Pakistan is a progressive country in the Middle east. The situation is getting better in some major cities, but the major society of the cities are against the freedom of women. In some tribes and families girls/women are still living as slaves. Girls have no rights in being educated, marriage and her social life. A

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