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Make A Difference


Educate a girl and change the world

Pakistan is a progressive country in the Middle east. The situation is getting better in some major cities, but the major society of the cities are against the freedom of women. In some tribes and families girls/women are still living as slaves. Girls have no rights in being educated, marriage and her social life. A

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Restoring Identity

Some may think the word “priceless” is not that big of a deal to be called, a word that me growing up in a very loving Christian family was always called and raised to know. In reality most children grow up hearing who they are not, how there not good enough, there not worth being

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National Education Contribution Award Ceremony

National Education Contribution Award Ceremony was arranged on October 3, 2015 A Tribute to Teachers from minorities, Who served the Nation of Pakistan and Humanities to build a educated society. In the History of Pakistan for 65 years, there was no event arranged before and never for the Christian Teachers. Let’s Together encourage the Nation

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Scholarship for 30 Children’s Education

HLF has worked to give scholarships to 30 children. A project for minorities with the collaboration of Youth Empowerment and Youth Revolution Clan International for student scholarships, and financial assistance. We are thankful to Mr. Rizwan Virk Khan, Chairman YRC International, United Nations -Strategy Group Member (My World 2015) to work with Our Youth. Mr.

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Flood Relief – Pakistan

Statistics show that since 1950, Pakistan has lost 11,526 lives to floods and that 188,531 villages have been affected due to flood in the country. The frequency of floods has increased in recent years hitting the economically challenged nation hard. A study states that by 2030 nearly 2.7 million people in Pakistan may be affected

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A residential school for underprivileged children

In Pakistan 11 million children out of 40 million children, between the ages 5-12 are economically active. Their parents have a small income, they can’t afford their education expenses, books and clothing. What about their life, their playing time ? where is our care? Our Humanity? Education is the most powerful weapon which can be

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