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Restoring Identity





Some may think the word “priceless” is not that big of a deal to be called, a word that me growing up in a very loving Christian family was always called and raised to know. In reality most children grow up hearing who they are not, how there not good enough, there not worth being loved or given time by the people closest to them. It hurts deeply because Gods intent was not only that parents teach, train, equip and provide for there children but to nurture them and love them the way God intended it to be, so with out the love a child becomes insecure in there identity and there image of God is distorted so they search for anything to feel that worth or love some where else. As you hear this video these girls live in a slum in Nepal filled with Hindu’s and Muslims majority do nor have parents and because of no parents they have no identity cards so the gov will not help them.

So not only in the natural they think they have no identity but with in them it’s been stolen and lost knowing who they are. These girls are one of the main targets for trafficker to them these girls are fresh meat “young and virgin”. As I stood there teaching them of the most incredible Heavenly Father who died for them and loved them the whole time I fought tears seeing there eyes and feeling there pain. None of them knew what the word priceless was not even in there language Nepalese. I also gave them each a necklace with the word priceless engraved on it, so daily they can remember that word no matter what they go through or what they are called as they carry it around there neck and close to there hearts. I wanted them to say “I AM PRICELESS” the translator said they can’t speak English I said no they will be able to say this because they want to know English. As these girls scream they are priceless they are declaring it over themselves and every girl in there generation and will walk and know they are loved and priceless and belong to the Kings of Kings and they are his princesses.

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