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A Voice for Humanity

The largest number of victims trafficked young girls and boys internationally still come from Southeast Asia; over 225,000 each year. Pakistan, Nepal and India are the key destination countries. In muslim countries like Pakistan, People give their daughters 9-12 years old to aged men (50-55) for marriage as a Islamic tradition. The young girls are often offered as brides as a form of “compensation” to settle disputes between families, tribes or whole villages. 

4 million underage children are forced to work, 1 million of these young boys live on the streets. They Work 14 hours a day and the Main type of work they do is picking up garbage, if they do not make 200 rupees ($2) a day and they are beaten. Every bus driver and man sexually abused and rapes these boys as young as 6 years old by bribing them with a soft drink when they are without food for days and days at a time. These young boys are also easy access for terrorists to brainwash and use for suicide blasts which are called “Sleeping Cells”. 

Some People are slowly becoming aware by media but there are many things we being in the human society need to do.  HLF-GP Team visited Nepal, visited slum areas that for a Trafficker is a breading ground for innocent virgins (Young girls & boys). So we went to bring awareness to the parents and to teach every girl of her value and worth and to save the innocent lives who are SOLD, raped and mistreated by unknown men. These innocent girls are raped by 40 men in a day and go through the most traumatic brutality that no human should endure, and they are forced to join the porn industries. IS THIS A HUMAN SOCIETY ? ARE WE HUMAN ? IF OUR KIDS ARE KIDNAPPED, SOLD, AND THEIR LIFE IS IN EVERY DAY DANGER, WHAT WILL WE DO ? WOULD WE NOT RISK EVERY THING AND PAY ANY PRICE IF IT WAS OUR CHILD IN THE HAND OF A TRAFFICKER? WHAT ABOUT THE CRIES OF THESE CHILDREN? WHAT ABOUT THESE YOUNG GIRLS CRIES? WILL YOU HEAR IT ? WILL YOU DO SOMETHING ? WILL YOU JOIN US IN THIS CAMPAIGN. This campaign will grow worldwide but our first step is to build a rescue home in Nepal and Pakistan first, where our team has already been rescuing many precious lives.

Explore Mission Nepal 2017
Feeding Hundred of Children in Slums

Target of the Campaign 

Five Fully Functional Rescue Homes & Rehabilitation Centers

Root Ground – In Nepal and Pakistan
Market Place – In Redding, Seattle and LA, USA

Where These women and children will go through inner healing, the embrace of a loving Father Jesus Christ. Where they will be fully trained and equipped care givers that stay and live in the safe houses. In the safe houses they are educated and taught a vocational skills, empowered and equipped to be victorious over-comers in the outside world. They leave completely restored and delivered with their vocational skills of sewing, fashion & design, cosmetology, teaching, graphic designing, computer skills, business management, health and fitness, barista and hospitality. HLF – Generation of Peacemakers will create avenues for their vocational skills to be used in all mountains of influence.

These girls and boys will also operate in the supernatural and bring the kingdom message back to their homes, communities and villages. Gathering other kids that could be a easy target to traffickers and teach them the word of God, and help teach them how to create business so they can also make their own money.

1 Rescue Home $55000
Sustainable Project Changing Lives $150,000
(School for 200 Street children)

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