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Help Widows

When a woman loses her husband, a civilized society should rally around to support her and her children. In some part of the country inheritances issues are according to Islamic injunctions. The widow observes the Takaba i.e a four-month, ten-day mourning period in seclusion talking to no one and sitting in one place. After the mourning, a widow is not free, but a burden. 60% of the widows’s husband family doesn’t accept this burden and sends this widow to her parents home.

In the muslim culture, widows are not acceptable for marriage. Man wish to have a virgin girl for marriage. Sometimes these widows suffer a lot in Islamic states. She has the responsibility of her children, How to provide them food, education, clothes, rent of home and other bills. They suffer rape, sexual mutilation, forced prostitution, and exploitation by pimps and traffickers.

Mostly women are not able to have employment. If she becomes employed, the pay is very little which makes her unable to provide the basic needs for her and her children.

We provide widows with easily accessible support free services, emotional support, information and training to help them navigate the many challenges they face while dealing with their grief and the rebuilding of their lives. We believe by communication we can understand the need of the widows. Many millions of widows are young mothers, even still children. And the majority are not only not looked after by their relatives, but on the contrary, persecuted, abused and oppressed by them. We want to help them in all aspects of life, legally, food distribution, and to their children.

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