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Flood Relief – Pakistan





Statistics show that since 1950, Pakistan has lost 11,526 lives to floods and that 188,531 villages have been affected due to flood in the country. The frequency of floods has increased in recent years hitting the economically challenged nation hard. A study states that by 2030 nearly 2.7 million people in Pakistan may be affected by floods. An estimated 715,000 people in Pakistan are affected by floods each year resulting in the annual loss of almost 1 per cent to the country’s GDP, which translates into US $2.7 billion.

Recent Update

Flood 2016

At least 41 people (which includes women and children) were killed and many others went missing when heavy rain and flash floods hit a remote area in Chitral (Kalash Indigenous People – The non-Christian and non-muslim minority area). Officials said a search was underway for many missing in the area. 82 houses were affected by the waters, and efforts were underway to provide food and relief items to the villagers. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has directed the National Disaster Management Authority and other concerned departments to step up rescue and relief efforts in the flood-hit areas of Chitral.

Expressing grief and sorrow over the loss of precious lives in the rain and floods, we as team of HLF are determined to take steps to help innocent lives who have lost their homes and loved ones. We are Praying that this flood does not continue any longer as every year it effects millions of lives. We request ministries and organizations to stand with us in this time of need. Last year we helped almost 220 families by providing them the Safe drinking water and Food. We were suppose to help almost 1000 families, but we were able to help little but we are happy that we did something and this time again we want to take a stand. Now is the time we come together and save these lives by covering them in the love of Jesus Christ.

Food & Clean Water is the need of flood victims. Our heart is to do every thing we can to save these precious lives. You can make our mission complete.

1. We want to give 11 items, which will cost Rs.4750.
(Wheat Floor, Sugar, Oil, Chana Daal (Pulses), Rice, Chili Powder, Tea Pack, Salt Pack, Milk Powder, Mixed Pickle, Match Box)
1 Family Food Package = $ 47
2. Clean Water
10 Water Bottle 1.5 Ltr (Each Family) = $6

Donate Now for Pakistan Flood Relief
Thank you for taking time to stand with us. You can send your donations through Paypal (The Online is a faster & safer way), Western union (Send Money in Minutes without Bank Account or without sharing your Bank information), and Bank (Wire & Money Transfer). Please send your personal information, Organization Name, Logo, with your donations Reference number (MTCN) at info@holylightpk.org.

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Flood 2015

River Indus at Sukkur is expected to attain high to very high flood level ranging between 650,000 cusecs to 750,000 cusecs during the period from noon on August 2, 2015 to midnight of August 4, 2015. 109 people died in the flooding which has affected the six provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Balochistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and Sindh.

A life not lived for others is not a life. – Mother Theresa

HLF team with the collaboration of Christian ministries visited Rajan Pur, and Layyah in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan to help flood effected people. In Pakistan 1.2 million people who are victims of the flood and they lost their homes, crops and cattle. Many people left the areas and went to other regions of the country, but millions were suffering there. People were surprised that we are among them in the flood to help them, We told them that we are visiting because Jesus told us to help people in order to save their lives. There is forecast that in July-August 2016, floods can again hit the country. We request you to stand with us again to save innocent lives.

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