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Pakistan is a progressive country in the Middle east. The situation is getting better in some major cities, but the major society of the cities are against the freedom of women.

In some tribes and families girls/women are still living as slaves. Girls have no rights in being educated, marriage and her social life. A girl can’t marry in other sects or in another religion, otherwise she faces a lot of trouble from their family and by the police.

In the constitution of Pakistan women have rights to choose her faith and make decisions for her life. But this is not the reality for the girls in Pakistan. The reality is that girls in Pakistan are forced to marry & to do Halala (In Islam a man can give his wife a divorce in anger by just saying three times the word divorce, then after sometime he can remarry the same female, If The female marries another man for one night or for a short period this is called Halala, and then her second husband divorces her, so she can remarry her ex-husband). Young girls (6-9 years old) are given to old men for money.

“There is a great need to empower girls by education which gives women back their dignity”.

Holy Light Foundation is determined to help these females who are still living as slaves and have no rights. We want to help them educationally, emotionally, legally and for their routine life to live as they want. Visit Gallery

Statistics on girls in Pakistan uneducated

Pakistan has the worlds second- highest number of children more than 5 million not attending school 3 million of those are GIRLS.

1) In Pakistan, 5.4 million children of primary school age are not in school ; 62% of them are girls

2)Seven million adolescents in Pakistan are not in school; 54% of them are girls

3)65% of girls are enrolled in primary school compared with 79% of boys

4) Almost half 49% of girls who begin primary school leave before completing there final grade

5)62% of girls and 5% of boys between the ages of 10 and 12 are not in school

6) 71% of woman in Pakistan have not completed primary school, compared with 41% men

7)More than half of Adults in Pakistan have recieved no education only 40% of adult women can read and write compared with 69% men.

UNICEF Research- Why is the education of girls important:
The education of girls is both an intrinsic right and a critical lever to reaching other development objectives. Providing girls with education helps break the cycle of poverty; educated woman are less likely to marry early and against there will, less likely to die in childbirth, more likely to have healthy babies, and more likely to send there children to school. When all children have access to a quality education rooted in human rights and gender equality, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influenced generations to come.

Girls education is essential to the achievement of quality learning relevant to the 21st century, including girls transition to and performance in secondary school and beyond, Adolescent girls that attend school delay marriage and child bearing, are less vulnerable to disease including HIV and AIDS, and acquire information and skills that lead to increased earning power. Evidence shows that the return to a year of secondary Education for field correlates to a 25 per cent increase in wages later in life.

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