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HLF-GP Speakers are a Raising Global Peacemakers Team in Every Country, to institute and educate the youth regarding the issues of the world and how they can play a effective role in creating a peaceful society in their regions, in which participants can review important issues.

Meet with global leaders to raise a voice in bringing unity and bridging the gap between the secular and Christian society. Secularism and Democracy is also promoted by Christians in the society but later they stopped sharing their belief which was the base of Equality.

Work with the collaboration of all social and political platforms who are standing for humanity to save nations from islamic terrorism and to make strenghten governments.

A priority in every government structure On the grounds of letting any individual from Islamic states enter into America and Europe has to have questions regarding beliefs and interest of shria law into the defensive Asylum process in order to know which Muslims are extremist (terrorists) or not.

Create HLF-GP Forum to petition to the governments, EU and UN to work with HLF-GP to encounter Terrorism, extremism, Human Trafficking and child labor to promote education and human rights.

Promote inter-religious and intercultural dialogue on a global scale, establish a “International Analytical debate forums” which gives opportunities to secular, religious, non religious scholars and leadership for the reason of conveying their views to the entire world.

Bring Awareness to Christian Youth to be active Politically and Socially.

Send Our Representatives & Ambassadors into Governments. Strong Godly Governments can stop Islamic terrorism and advance the “Kingdom of Peace”.

If you want to invite our Team into your nation, to share the message of Hope and freedom, To train and Equip the youth of today & the church body to be alert, aware and equipped to eradicate Islamic terrorism and human trafficking and Share HLF Strategies on how to share the Gospel with the muslim and secular world to advance the Kingdom of Peace and to Explore the Beauty of Your Culture and Nation. Write Us the details of the event, venue, country, Church/Organization Name, Contact Details, and Expected Audience at info@holylightpk.org.

HLF-GP team is always ready to explore the beauty of cultures and nations. Our Mission trip is not only exploring the beauty of these cultures but also bringing the message of Peace into every nation, to stand for justice and freedom, to serve humanity with a dream to see a Generation of Peacemakers.

GP team is also raising Global Peacemakers in every nation, Who can bring a positive change into their communities and can lead their nations in the future. GP team is not only focusing to just work on social platforms and churches but also with Governments to welcome the Kingdom of Peace to help the needy communities.

If you want to be a part of our Mission Trips to Explore the Beauty of Cultures and Nations and to help transform communities, cities and nations. Write Us at info@holylightpk.org

HLF-GP team arranges awareness Events to enlighten the dark-side of this world by helping the poor communities and to Share “A MESSAGE OF HOPE & BEAUTY” We explore the beauty and culture of the nations.

Your donation has a value for us. If you want to support our Mission Trips, Events, Feeding Projects, Education Projects and Social Causes in the third world countries to give them a Light of Hope write us at info@holylightpk.org.

Thank you for Your support!

The Root of Every Culture and Nation is Humanity, If We will care it will bring Peace. – Kaleem Shahzad


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The Root of Every Culture and Nation is Humanity, If We will care it will bring Peace. – Kaleem Shahzad

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