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Pakistan has a Free Trade Agreement with China. Between 2012 and 2017 for example, Pakistan’s trade deficit with China tripled, going from $4 billion to $12.7bn. China is now the largest source of Pakistan’s imports, which stand at 29pc of total imports. A recent paper released by the State Bank of Pakistan stating that more than half of the country’s imports of electrical equipment and machinery come from China. Every Pakistani knows what is the quality of these products. Corrupt Politicians allowed China to replace their low quality products with the genuine Japanese, American, German and Hungary products, just for their own personal benefits. But this trade not limited on electronics and machinery products but this trade is also effecting our daily diet, as we are being nourished GMO (genetically modified food/fake) foods, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. These products look real and are very shiny which attracts buyers but it is poisonous.

Recently I went to the market to buy apples, On one side there were Desi apples with a high rate (180 Rupees per Kg) and on the other side were shiny red apples that were all the same size, every apple was packed in a net packaging. I was thinking they would be more expensive than the Desi Apples but they were very cheap (120 Rupees Per kg). The same size shiny red apples covered in beautiful packaging were made by chemicals and there is not only apples, but other fruits are also available in the market and being sold at a cheap rate with a extra profit margin.

Today I found that China is controlling our dairy products too, Eggs is a initial part of our breakfast which is the biggest source of protein. But the eggs you are eating daily, Do they have protein or poison?

The shell of a GMO (Fake) egg is made of calcium carbonate. Egg yolks and egg whites are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, eatable calcium chloride and then add water and food coloring. First pour a set amount of sodium alginate into warm water and mix it into egg white like shape, then mix it with gelatin together with benzoic acid, alum and other chemicals to make the egg white. Egg yolk is just adding lemon yellow food coloring. Together with calcium chloride to form egg mixture into the mold to produce the egg membrane. Egg shell is made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and other materials. Fake egg is full of chemicals, the main ingredient calcium alginate, at most is a gel. Alum, gelatin etc are only as additives, auxiliary agents. They are not beneficial to the human body but causing different diseases.

These are not electronic products that if It will stop working It will just waist our money. This is the crucial reality that is effecting every precious life. Our children are being effected by these chemical products and poison. I am sharing this so we together will bring awareness into our communities to not buy Chinese food products. Pakistan is blessed with fertile soil and a brilliant climate condition. A wide selection of different fruits, vegetables and other crops are grown in Pakistan. According to the figures of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), fruit exports stood at 645,304 tonnes in 2016-17. Fresh fruits worth US $325.631 million and vegetables valuing US $113.167 million were exported during first three quarters of our current financial year as compared to the exports of the corresponding period of last year. We can also write to the Chief Minister and our representatives in Provincial and Federal Assembly of Pakistan.

China and Pakistan also share close military relations, with China supplying a range of modern armaments to the Pakistani defence forces. China supports Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir, while Pakistan supports China on the issues of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan. China has also control over Pakistan market.

Corona Virus spread by China around the world. On 31 Dec 2019, China contacted World Health Organization (WHO), that they have unusual malaria patients, Nobody knew about this virus before. On Jan 1, 2020 China Closed its seafood market in Wuhan, China, as the origin of the outbreak. On Jan 7, 2020, WHO announces that they are facing unkown virus and called it “Corona Virus”, On Jan 11, 2020 China confirmed first death of a 60 years old man by Corona Virus, who ate meat from Wuhan seafood market. On Jan 13, 2020 The first case appeared out of china, in Thailand, this was a woman who reached in Thailand from Wuhan, China. After second death in China, America knew about this virus and start screening on its 3 Air-ports on Jan 17, 2020. Until then America, France, Malaysia, Australia, Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea confirmed Chinese Corona virus cases.

In all this period, From Dec 2019 to Jan 23, 2020 China didn’t stop its air lines and railway lines services and spread this virus to all the countries where they have friendly access to their markets and have trade relationship. Until other countries contacted to WHO. On 26 Jan, 2020 in China 56 people died and near about 2000 were effected and then 18 cities were locked down and closed parks and Disney land in china. Beginning, china closed its landmarks, and tourists places but until then Hong Kong, America, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and south Korea found new more cases. 30 Jan, 2020 Corona virus spread in more than 30 provinces of china, which effected 7000 people. On 31 Jan, 2020 WHO declared corona virus Global emergency. Jan 31, 2020 near about 9000 people were effected and this virus was spread to Russia, Spain, Sweden and Britain.

On Feb 3, 2020 near about 17,200 people were effected and 360 people died. Feb 14, 2020 First death was confirmed in France, Hong Kong, Belgium, etc and until then 1400 people died in china and near about 66000 were effected. On Feb 20, 2020 Russia banned Chinese people travel into Russia. On March 3, 2020 this virus also reached in Kuwait, Oman, Israel, UAE, Pakistan, Iran, Norway, Brazil and Denmark etc. March 16, 2020 In Spain 288 people died, and 7700 effected, In Iran 850 deaths and 15000 effected. In All over the world 5000 deaths and near about 1,30,000 effected people and still this virus is growing around the world.

On May 12, 2020 more than 4.1 million people are effected and near about 285,445 people have been died by corona virus. Recent Update


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  • Charity is aimed at serving humanity.
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