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Global Peace

In the World there are billions of people who have different religious and non-religious beliefs. There are almost 4200 beliefs, and almost 7.2 billion Population of the world including 2.5 billion of Christians and 1.3 billion of muslims as the biggest religious population. The whole world and all of the countries governments are effected by terrorism from extremists muslims. Extremists muslims kill other muslims too because of faith differences as in Islam there are 73 sects and for each sect other 72 sects are pagans and they are only the true muslim believers. Most extremists muslims are against America, Europe and Israel. In Islamic states Christians, Secular, Atheists, Hindu and other minorities are persecuted because there is no Harmony between religious and non-religious people.

HLF aim is to unite all religious and non-religious people to bring harmony and Peace into the entire world. We want to spread the love of God, among the nations (children of Adam).

Extremists Muslims hate and want to kill all those people who have separate beliefs. HLF is Working to end religious hate from the society. Mr. Kaleem Shahzad studied the Quran and the Holy Bible and found 5 Un-answered Questions, which are the base of religious hate in the hearts of extremists (terrorists). Terrorists use these misconceptions to mislead the young muslims and fill their hearts with hate against Christians and Jews and other msulims. As muslims believe in Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus, but they believe that the scripture was changed. So, they don’t know the love of the Messiah for humanity. There is a need to deliver the truth of the gospel to them. We gave the answers to their questions and not just in the perspective of the Holy Bible, but in the perspective of the Quran and Islamic teachings because extremists muslims do not believe in Equality and Human rights, They only can understand things in their religious perspective. So Our purpose is to guide them and answer their questions in the outlook of their religious Book “The Quran”.

To Create a friendly environment and to encounter “terrorism and future persecution” There is a need to remove these misconceptions.

We all are from one generation of Adam, and We all are humans, breath in the same air, and live under the blue sky on one earth. We are all One family needing to be saved from destruction, war and terrorism. Let’s create harmony among the brothers (Children of Adam).

HLF Strategic Plan

  • Raise Global Peacemakers Team in Every Country, to institute and educate the youth regarding the issues of the world and how they can play a effective role in creating a peaceful society in their regions, in which participants can review important issues.
  • * Meet with global leaders to raise a voice in bringing unity and bridging the gap between the secular and Christian and all religious society.
  • * Create HLF-GP Forum to petition to the governments, EU and UN to work with HLF-GP to encounter Terrorism, extremism, Human Trafficking and child labor to promote education and human rights.
  • * Promote inter-religious and intercultural dialogue on a global scale, establish a “International Analytical debate forums” which gives opportunities to secular, religious, non religious scholars and leadership for the reason of conveying their views to the entire world.
  • * Bring Awareness to the Youth to be active Politically and Socially.
  • * Send Our Representatives & Ambassadors into Governments.
  • “Together We can make a New History, Let’s Stand for the Kingdom of Peace.”

    If we want to see change in the world, a peaceful world with the ending of every type of slavery, child labor, terrorism, human and Sex trafficking, injustice and poverty. We have to stand together.

    It doesn’t matter what you do or doing, We welcome everyone to join Us, Business Executives, Youth, Business personal, Students, Alumni, Scholars, Politicians, Celebrities, and Athletes to make a Peaceful World.

    Join Us and Donate To Our Sustainable Development Project for 200 Children’s Education and monthly GP Awareness Seminars.

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