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Changing Lives – A Sustainable Project

To give a better shape to the world we need to focus. In the globe of the world Pakistan appears as a democratic country. Pakistan has the problem of literacy, awareness, and religious hate (Persecution of Minorities & NO Freedom of Speech). In Pakistan 12 million children out of 40 million children, between the ages 5-12 are economically active. Children between the ages of 5-12 start working in factories, where they are abused, mistreated and a easy approach for Terrorists to brainwash and use them as sleeper cells. 4 million underage children are forced to work, 1 million of these young boys live on the streets. They Work 14 hours a day and the Main type of work they do is picking up garbage, if they do not make 200 rupees ($2) a day and they are beaten. Every bus driver and man sexually abuses and rapes these boys as young as 6 years old by bribing them with a soft drink when they are without food for days and days at a time. These children are easy access for extremists muslims to use them for suicide blasts after brain washing them. Education and Awareness only can change these lives and can build our global society towards Peace.

HLF Strategies

Pakistan’s next generation is called to raise up the next generation as a Generation of Peacemakers, we will not allow people/Oppressor to destroy the next generation by taking away their rights, childhood, opportunity for education, and to leave them tortured, unloved, starving, and alone or misguided. Pakistan needs such platforms which will work to remove hate from the extremists hearts directly and empower the next generation, Free poor/oppressed from poverty and oppression. Holy Light will be the answer to this problem or epidemic. We know the needs of Pakistan and how we can change lives by education, awareness, and by generating sources of income by sustainable Plans.

1 Child (Education) Per Month = $70
1 Child (Education) Per Year = 12*$70 = $840

200 Children (Education) For 1 Year
= 200*840 = $168,000

Lavish.Business is always supporting HLF mission and Lavish is giving us a opportunity that if we invest into Lavish $150,000, Lavish will sponsor the education of 200 children until they complete High School.

This Month 

1 Sponsor or
100 World Changers

100 * $1500 = $150,000

YOUR $1500 donation for a Year

Pay for the Education – 200 Rescued Children

Awareness to 2000 People – Yearly

Income Generate System for 17 People – Monthly

Read Reports:
1. According to Aziz, who works from the early morning till midnight, his employer still beats him with a cane. “I take home $3 (Approx.300 PKR) a day on average, but the smile on my mother’s face when I see her at night makes up for what I have endured throughout the day, he says.” After his father passed away, 11 years old Aziz’s family was left struggling to pay off loans so he took up work as a brick kiln laborer. “Sometimes more than food and water, I dream of getting my childhood back, I look at other boys playing with cricket bats in the street and I wish I could join them, even if it is just for one day.” (11 Years old Aziz).

2. There are up to 70,000 people who have been killed by suicide blasts and near about 1,000 were hanged in blasphemy laws.

3. People have no freedom, no religious & human rights, women are slaves. Girls have no rights for education, living, marriage & faith. Poor and Christian women are trafficked and kidnapped by muslim Traffickers. Women specifically are forced into the life of labor and prostitution; they are abused and raped on work places. In Islamic culture girls and women are also sold into forced marriages; in some cases their new “husbands” move them across Pakistani borders and force them into prostitution. Muslims often sexually and physically abuse the children and use psychological coercion to convince the children that the acts they commit are justified. It’s all because there are many things which are taught to muslims in their childhood.

4. Up to 1,505,525 people have left Pakistan for asylum to other countries because they have no rights for living and they are persecuted because of their faith. “We still love Pakistan and Pakistan lives in our hearts.” (Pakistani Thailand asylum seekers)


Please share this project in just one click via e-mail, Sms, facebook or through other social networks with your friends, who are business executives, business owners, or have a heart to empower underprivileged people. Your One Time Donation of $1,500 for a whole year for 200 Children can help us to run this sustainable Project which can change and save hundreds of lives and give them a bright future. Thank you for taking the time to read and share for Changing Lives in Sustainability.

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