The world’s 5th biggest Gold Mine in Pakistan

Reko Diq is Pakistan’s largest gold mine and there are some amazing facts you might not know about it. It is the world’s 5th biggest Gold Mine. It has more than 56 million tons of Gold. It spreads over 100 kilometers. It is worth more than USD $2 Trillion. RekoDiq is a remote location in the North-West of Chagai district. Chagai is a sparsely populated western desert province of Balochistan. It is mostly a low relief and thinly populated desert. The weather of Chagai ranges from very hot summers of 40-50°C to very cool winters of upto -10°C with less than 40 mm precipitation (winter rain and minor snow). It also exhibits periods of high wind and dust/sand storms which have a demobilizing impact on the local activities and trade. Access to the Chagai district is via the Zahidan – Quetta highway also known as the London Road. It was leased to BHP, an Australian Company in 1994. BHP sold those mining rights to Thethyan Copper Company in 2004 as the company had rights to export every ounce of gold without involving State Bank of Pakistan or any other 3rd party. This company had captured 400 kilometers of area for mining. It was a non-auditable zone. It has copper and other natural reserves. It has the world’s 2nd largest reserve of Shale Gas (petrol alternative). It was given back to the Government of Baluchistan, Pakistan in 2013. The corrupt politicians never care about the country, they are just filling their foreign accounts and building their mills. The Public of Pakistan needs to stand for a fair democratic government, which will establish a secular democratic system where every person can live a free life and Pakistan becomes a peaceful and prosperous country.

China is Fighting Against Humanity

Pakistan has a Free Trade Agreement with China. Between 2012 and 2017 for example, Pakistan’s trade deficit with China tripled, going from $4 billion to $12.7bn. China is now the largest source of Pakistan’s imports, which stand at 29pc of total imports. A recent paper released by the State Bank of Pakistan stating that more than half of the country’s imports of electrical equipment and machinery come from China. Every Pakistani knows what is the quality of these products. Corrupt Politicians allowed China to replace their low quality products with the genuine Japanese, American, German and Hungary products, just for their own personal benefits. But this trade not limited on electronics and machinery products but this trade is also effecting our daily diet, as we are being nourished GMO (genetically modified food/fake) foods, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. These products look real and are very shiny which attracts buyers but it is poisonous. Recently I went to the market to buy apples, On one side there were Desi apples with a high rate (180 Rupees per Kg) and on the other side were shiny red apples that were all the same size, every apple was packed in a net packaging. I was thinking they would be more expensive than the Desi Apples but they were very cheap (120 Rupees Per kg). The same size shiny red apples covered in beautiful packaging were made by chemicals and there is not only apples, but other fruits are also available in the market and being sold at a cheap rate with a extra profit margin. Today I found that China is controlling our dairy products too, Eggs is a initial part of our breakfast which is the biggest source of protein. But the eggs you are eating daily, Do they have protein or poison? The shell of a GMO (Fake) egg is made of calcium carbonate. Egg yolks and egg whites are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, eatable calcium chloride and then add water and food coloring. First pour a set amount of sodium alginate into warm water and mix it into egg white like shape, then mix it with gelatin together with benzoic acid, alum and other chemicals to make the egg white. Egg yolk is just adding lemon yellow food coloring. Together with calcium chloride to form egg mixture into the mold to produce the egg membrane. Egg shell is made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and other materials. Fake egg is full of chemicals, the main ingredient calcium alginate, at most is a gel. Alum, gelatin etc are only as additives, auxiliary agents. They are not beneficial to the human body but causing different diseases. These are not electronic products that if It will stop working It will just waist our money. This is the crucial reality that is effecting every precious life. Our children are being effected by these chemical products and poison. I am sharing this so we together will bring awareness into our communities to not buy Chinese food products. Pakistan is blessed with fertile soil and a brilliant climate condition. A wide selection of different fruits, vegetables and other crops are grown in Pakistan. According to the figures of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), fruit exports stood at 645,304 tonnes in 2016-17. Fresh fruits worth US $325.631 million and vegetables valuing US $113.167 million were exported during first three quarters of our current financial year as compared to the exports of the corresponding period of last year. We can also write to the Chief Minister and our representatives in Provincial and Federal Assembly of Pakistan.

17 Years Old Student was beaten to death for Drinking Water

Sharoon Masih, a young intelligent boy who was beaten to death for drinking water by fellow student "Muhammad Ahmed Rana", a class fellow along with a couple of other students, for being a Christian. Sharoon was doing extremely well in his previous school in (village) Chak 461 EB. Due to outstanding result in class 8 final examinations, his teachers encouraged his parents to let him continue his studies. He got admittion in MC Model Boys Government High School Burewala of District Vehari. However Sharoon was not able to adjust in the hostile environment. Although Elyab Masih, Sharoon’s father is without a job for the last eight months, still he wanted his son to study and used his savings to get Sharoon's admission to school. To meet the hardships of life Sharoon too used to do manual labor while continuing his studies so his parents could not feel the burden. In this government School, From the very first day of school Sharoon was mistreated by the teachers and class fellows especially Muhammad Ahmed Rana, said Sharoon’s family. His paternal uncle Liaquat speaking to The Nation said, “Sharoon complained to his father that the teacher had slapped him for not wearing a uniform and was told to stand in the sun for the whole day. His father had said that Sharoon should take off from school the next day; he took a loan of Rs.2,000 to buy his son the school uniform and told him that he would talk to the Principal the next day. But it was too late, he was killed that day.” When asked what happened on that day Liaqat said, “We don’t know for sure what happened but some students say Ahmed tried to stop Sharoon’s path first then they had an argument on mobile phone which led to a fight and resulted in his death. When the fight broke out some students went to the teachers to tell them what was happening but no one came to see, rather said we are drinking tea go away.” Regarding religious discrimination Liaquat said, “On first day of school Sharoon told us that kids at school were not letting him drink water from the same glass as he was a Christian. Later they started calling him a ‘chura’ (a derogatory term for sweeper). We believe this would have been one of the reasons for his death.” As for the police and politicians of the area, Liaquat said no one came to them after Sharoon’s death as they are siding with the other party. “We vote for these people but no one came to help us. Police is also not helping, they are not taking any action against principal of the school.” No one from the school administration came forward to explain what happened exactly in school that day. According to Mehwish Bhatti of BPCA, “There were about 40 teachers and over a thousand children who did not come forward to save Sharoon. All the teachers gave ten different statements to the police and family. No one from the administration is coming out with the truth, while the students say that Sharoon was beaten by Muhammad Ahmed Rana. When asked why no one came to save him they said that Ahmed was too powerful for anyone to handle.” According to Sharoon’s parents Ahmed is much older to be a student of class 9. Sharoon was taken to the hospital by the students, no teacher took responsibility. When Sharoon’s mother reached the hospital the doctor said that he died in the hospital. But the students refuted and said that he had died on spot on being beaten up. Sharoon was killed because of his religious belief. Despite attempts by Pakistani authorities to improve the lives of minorities, the persecution and discrimination they face seems to have increased over the last decade. "This killing of a young Christian teenager at school, serves only to remind us that hatred towards religious minorities starts at a young age. It is transferred from one generation to another through cultural norms and a biased national curriculum.” This news has been making rounds on the social media but so far the state and law authoritieshave not reacted to it, as in the case of Mashal Khan, who was killed by fellow students in Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan. The state must ensure that all citizens must be treated equally, regardless of caste or their religion. This religious hate only can be removed from the root system of every human being, we will teach this generation about humanity and equality.

Mission Trip to Sri Lanka

Generation of Peacemakers team arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Jan 31st, 2016 from Pakistan and the United States of America. This Missions trip purpose was to accomplish the project "Beauty of Colombo 2016" to analyze the international impact on tourists for our future Project "The Beauty of Pakistan" and also attended the Sri Lanka National Day to meet the needs of poor community by giving money widows and poor families, Praying for the sick, feeding the Hungary and gathering information regarding Child labor. IMG_1263

We visited Hindu Temples, Churches, International Hotels, Restaurants, Parks, and learned and experienced their culture, Helped Poor Families, Donated to Turtle Rescue Center and brought the salvation messages to Hindus and Buddhists.
Mr. Kaleem Shahzad Chairman HLF, Ms. Jobyna Beth HLF Director USA with Sri Lankan coordinator.
Help HLF team with their Upcoming Mission Trips to Bahrain, Norway, Sweden and Canada for building a Global Generation of Peacemakers Team
Mission SLK 22

Meeting with Canadian Int.Speaker

Mr. Kaleem Shahzad Chairman of Holy Light Foundation & HLF-Generation of Peacemakers team met Canadian speaker Rev. Ralph to discuss the future project in coordination with the Canadian and US friends to make a impact in the lives of People of Pakistan.

HAPPY 2016!
In Pakistan hundreds of ministries and churches are working and preaching among Christians, While there are 2.5% Christians and another 98%, near about 180 million people who are muslims do not know about salvation. They believe in Jesus Christ only as a Prophet not as a savior of the world. Our mission team's purpose is to welcome the Kingdom of God into Pakistan and other Islamic states to reach the billions of un-reached people. We have a Gospel curriculum for our muslim brothers to understand the truth of the Gospel, Its includes One Holy Bible + HL Publishing material "God is Love" + Upcoming Book "Belief & Peace" for each person.
One Holy Bible + HL Publishing material "God is Love" + Upcoming Book "Belief & Peace" 1 Person = $35
We want a Gospel and Peace Revolution in Pakistan
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