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Restoration | Priceless in Mexico

You can not change a nation, until its citizen knows their identity. #priceless campaign in Mexico – Join @generationofpeacemakers team to restore the identity and to rescue young girls and boys and to tell every person that “They are Priceless”. #lavish #restoration #rescue #generationofpeacemakers

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Mission Trip Nepal 2017

Trafficking in Women, Children on the Rise On this recent mission Trip to Nepal, Our plan was to visit the market place “Slums” where traffickers buy girls, so we wanted to bring awareness and to rescue poor girls who are sold because of poverty and people do not know their identity. Our US-Director Jobyna Beth

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Priceless Campaign | USA

Human Trafficking is becoming one of the biggest money making industries in the world because unlike fire arms a person can be sold over and over. HLF-US Team has prepared the Promo video, There are five events already arranged in the USA, you can join HLF and show your love toward the innocent lives, with

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When I was 3 years old I went into my dad’s office and told him I wanted to give my life to Jesus and make him my Lord and Savior, so in that moment my dad helped and walked me through the prayer of salvation and the presence of the Lord touched me and changed

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Mission Trip to Sri Lanka

Generation of Peacemakers team arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Jan 31st, 2016 from Pakistan and the United States of America. This Missions trip purpose was to accomplish the project “Beauty of Colombo 2016” to analyze the international impact on tourists for our future Project “The Beauty of Pakistan” and also attended the Sri Lanka

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