Good Performance Shield

Mr. Kaleem Shahzad was awarded a Good Performance shield by United Nations Strategic group Member – My World 2015 on Student’s Education Adopting Ceremony on May 24th, 2015.

HLF has worked to give scholarships to 30 children. A project for minorities with the collaboration of Youth Empowerment and Youth Revolution Clan International for student scholarships, and financial assistance.
Generation of Peacemakers aim is to develop poor minorities and support them with equal rights to provide education, books, stationary, clothes, and food to these poor Children. We are committed to ensuring that all girls and boys are able to realize their full potential. We want to make a High standard in the children’s intellectual, personal behavior and spiritual life. HLF Projects, Education for Poor, Scholarship for minorities students are going on for the development of minorities and poor children.

Live Stock Business

Milk is favorite food in Pakistan and is consumed as fresh, boiled, powdered and in processed form like yogurt, ghee, lassi, butter, cheese, ice cream, sweets and in other confectioneries. As per IFCN (International Farms Comparison Network) Dairy Report 2014, Pakistan is 3rd largest milk producing country in the world. Buffalos found in Pakistan make up 47% of Pakistan's major dairy animal's population providing more than about 61% of the total milk produced in the country. Buffalo breeds found in Pakistan are Nili Ravi, Kundi and Aza Kheli. Nili Ravi is considered the best buffalo breed in world and known as Black Gold of Pakistan. Cattle constitute about 53% of the national population of major dairy animals in Pakistan and contribute the share of almost 35% to the total milk production in country. The cattle breeds found in the country are Sahiwal, Cholistani, Red Sndhi, Achai, Bhagnari, Dajal, Dhanni, Gibrali, Kankraj, Lohani, Rojhan, and Thari.

Cow milk differs from Buffalo milk in richness and composition. Buffalo milk has lower cholesterol but more calories and fat compared with cow's milk. Buffalo milk is consumed in south Asia, with India, China and Pakistan being the biggest producers. Buffalo milk is extremely rich in calcium, and is a good source of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.
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Nili Ravi Bufalos
Habitat: The hometract of the Nili-Ravi buffalo includes Lahore, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Okara, Sahiwal, Pakpattan and Vehari districts of Central Punjab; and Multan and parts of Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar districts of southern Punjab. However, because of their well-recognized dairy qualities, these animals are now found all over the country. Nili-Ravi 'buffaloes are in great demand in several other countries as well. Nili and Ravi were recognized as separate breeds until 1960's when merging of the two breeds was accepted in the form of Nili-Ravi breed. Physical Characteristics: • These buffaloes are massive, somewhat wedge-shaped animals. • They are mostly black, but often have white markings on the forehead, face, and muzzle, and lower parts of the legs. Due to which it is called “Panj Kalyan”. The tail switch is often white. • They have all curly horns, wall eyes, and a large and strong udder. • Males attain maturity at the age of 30 months, and females at 36 months. • Average age at first calving is 1390 days • Milk yield is 1800-2500 litres per lactation (322 days) with 6.5% butter fat. • Adult males weigh 550-650 kg, while females weigh 350-450 Kg. • Males may be used for draught purposes, especially for preparing land for paddy cultivation and are a good source of beef. • White markings extending above hock and knee and over the neck and body constitute a serious disqualification. During last ten years major changes has been occurred in dairy sector of Pakistan and due to these change this sector is on the way to become an industry. A large number of modern dairy farms have been established in different areas. Most of these dairy farms have exotic animals and number of these animals is in hundreds and even in thousands. Dairy farms with more than 3000 animals also exist and with 5000 animals are in plan. Such farms have adopted most modern managemental and feeding practices and well trained man power. Milk produced on these farms is either sold out in processed/fresh form through outlets/ departmental stores/house supply etc. or supplied to dairy companies.

Mission Trip to Sri Lanka

Generation of Peacemakers team arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Jan 31st, 2016 from Pakistan and the United States of America. This Missions trip purpose was to accomplish the project "Beauty of Colombo 2016" to analyze the international impact on tourists for our future Project "The Beauty of Pakistan" and also attended the Sri Lanka National Day to meet the needs of poor community by giving money widows and poor families, Praying for the sick, feeding the Hungary and gathering information regarding Child labor. IMG_1263

We visited Hindu Temples, Churches, International Hotels, Restaurants, Parks, and learned and experienced their culture, Helped Poor Families, Donated to Turtle Rescue Center and brought the salvation messages to Hindus and Buddhists.
Mr. Kaleem Shahzad Chairman HLF, Ms. Jobyna Beth HLF Director USA with Sri Lankan coordinator.
Help HLF team with their Upcoming Mission Trips to Bahrain, Norway, Sweden and Canada for building a Global Generation of Peacemakers Team
Mission SLK 22

Meeting with Canadian Int.Speaker

Mr. Kaleem Shahzad Chairman of Holy Light Foundation & HLF-Generation of Peacemakers team met Canadian speaker Rev. Ralph to discuss the future project in coordination with the Canadian and US friends to make a impact in the lives of People of Pakistan.

HAPPY 2016!
In Pakistan hundreds of ministries and churches are working and preaching among Christians, While there are 2.5% Christians and another 98%, near about 180 million people who are muslims do not know about salvation. They believe in Jesus Christ only as a Prophet not as a savior of the world. Our mission team's purpose is to welcome the Kingdom of God into Pakistan and other Islamic states to reach the billions of un-reached people. We have a Gospel curriculum for our muslim brothers to understand the truth of the Gospel, Its includes One Holy Bible + HL Publishing material "God is Love" + Upcoming Book "Belief & Peace" for each person.
One Holy Bible + HL Publishing material "God is Love" + Upcoming Book "Belief & Peace" 1 Person = $35
We want a Gospel and Peace Revolution in Pakistan
NOTE: You can Join Us in Our Cause for Changing Lives!