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Our Causes

Reaching The Nations

  • Priceless

    WE ARE BRINGING FREEDOM, BECAUSE EVERY LIFE MATTERS. #PRICELESS  A Voice for Humanity The largest number of victims trafficked young girls and boys internationally still come from Southeast Read More

    Educate a girl and change the world

    Pakistan is a progressive country in the Middle east. The situation is getting better in some major cities, but the major society of the cities are against the freedom of women. In some tribes and Read More
  • Feed the Hungry – Street Children

    When Jesus fed the thousands, He did not first check to see if they would be His disciples. He did not require them to come to Him for salvation. But they followed him for miracles, and he with wisdo Read More

    Restoring Identity

    Some may think the word “priceless” is not that big of a deal to be called, a word that me growing up in a very loving Christian family was always called and raised to know. In reality most childr Read More

Making A New History

Global Projects

$168,000Donation Needed

Changing Lives is a sustainable Project of HLF to Promote Awareness, Education and Peace in Pakistan. A Light for the Hopeless community by giving the opportunities to the Innocent and voiceless Children (5-12 Years old) who are out of the 12 million children in Child Labor. This Project will enable us to educate 200 children and in Next 5 Years by planing this project we will sponsor 2000 children out of 12 million children. It will also be a contribution for a healthy society.

In USA, Pakistan, Nepal
Rescue HomeDonation Needed

HLF USA is working to completely eradicate Human sex slavery across the globe. Recent Update HLF-GP Team started the #Priceless campaign on our recent Mission Trip Nepal 2017, GP-Team has prepared the Priceless Promo video, we are excited to announce the 1st launching event of our campaign starts next week. There are five events already

In Pakistan
$Donation Needed

In Pakistan 12 million children out of 40 million between the ages 5-12 are economically active. 1 million of these young boys live on the streets. They Work 14 hours a day and the Main type of work they do is picking up garbage, if they do not make 200 rupees ($2-$3) a day and

In Every Nation
$Donation Needed

In the World there are billions of people who have different religious and non-religious beliefs. There are almost 4200 beliefs, and almost 7.2 billion Population of the world including 2.5 billion of Christians and 1.3 billion of muslims as the biggest religious population. The whole world and all of the countries governments are effected by

  • Kaleem Shahzad, CEO Holy Light Foundation

    Generation of Peacemakers is a voice of youth for freedom, democracy, secularism, education, peace and harmony to build the society and to bring Peace into the entire world.

  • Raheel Robson, Software Engineer

    HLF developed me as a professional and contributed to the organizational development and as a result all the projects are being carried out by HLF. I have been able to be part of many projects for woman rights, Education, helping the poor and many more with HLF and I have seen the high impact programs in the field and I can honestly say that HLF is truly helping communities and facilitates people to fulfill their needs and to make them aware of their rights. I would highly recommend HLF to any friends, family, or colleagues around the world.

  • Jobyna beth, CEO Lavish int.

    HLF is doing a marvelous job answering the heart cry of a nation and people group that has felt voiceless, hopeless and enslaved with in their own homes and nation for way to long. We are establishing a Generation of Peacemakers that is the voice of freedom for now and the generations to come. Where no voice goes unheard and peace will reign.

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Together We Can Bring Change

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